Used tags:

[DOC] Web page and documentation related (SourceForge configuration, home page texts, ...)
[VID] Video analysis related
[OCR] Text recognition related
[AUD] Audio analysis related
[ENC] Mp2/wav/mp3 encoding and tagging related
[SYS] Whole system related (Configuration, logging, compilation, ...)
[HTM] Musik database specific
[VDR] VDR related (plugin, usability, ...)

Next Steps (High priority):

[DOC] Better README (HowTo, FAQ, ...) in better english
[ENC] Better track logging facility (e.g. Date/time, VideoStream, Pos (time), Pos (cut), Artist+Title, Filename, OCR failure
[ENC] Use better names when no artist/titel available. Achieved format: Untitled - hh_mm_ss.mp3
[OCR] Detected tracks should be given to video detection and not to cutter
[OCR] Improve recognition of first character in a textline
[SYS] Display early errors with files > 2GB
[SYS] Allow files > 2GB
[SYS] Match verbose modes of all modules (--> Design vebose mode policy)
[SYS] Extend the 'settings' by program stings
[SYS] Allow Blacklists for 'special' music
[SYS] Creation of a log file for debugging purposes
[VID] Display of a single progress line in non-verbose modes
[VID] Check 2 colors for sidebar detection
[VID] Possibility for different video formats (i.e. interlaced, hight/width)
[VID] Finding track changes by OCR information (This implicates the own creation of new cuts instead of letting the OCR do this!)
[VDR] Use a VDR-recording directory as video source

Next Steps (Lower priority):

[OCR] Better detection with analog captures
[SYS] Porting to Windows (--> check mplayer, 'settings', system(), ...)
[SYS] Better configuration method (multiple conf. files)(e.g. folders.conf, video.conf, programs.conf, settings.conf)
[SYS] Additional log files
[VID] No more reliance on left sidebar
[VDR] Implementation of a VDR plugin
[SYS] Queue-based working
[SYS] Session-based log

Future Work:

[AUD] Frequency analysis
[ENC] Tell mplayer to work fast in mp2->wav conversion (find out how!)
[HTM] Better title matching
[OCR] Correct detection without html files
[SYS] Substitute 'settings' format with a better one
[VID] Use with other GetTheClip programs
[VID] Use with other channels

We try to check in finished developments to CVS as soon as possible. If you're intrested in improvements already marked as finished here, but not published in a stable release yet, please check out an actual version from the CVS tree.